Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age 14
Status Modelatrix Alien
Physical attributes
Height 5.00ft
Weight 25.00 stone
Grantzelle is the Modelatrix's DNA sample of Tommy.


14-year old Brendan's Grantzelle looks like Tommy and wears a Blue shirt, navy pants and a straw hat on his horns, The Modelatrix symbol is on his straw hat.


He can charge into things using his horns, not to mention he can also stab things using his horns...


  • If his horns get stuck in something (Say a tree.) He is pretty much defenseless...
  • If anyone takes off his Straw hat, he can kiss the Modelatrix goodbye.



  • Grantzelle is the second alien to be able to take off the Modelatrix, the first being Blobby.
  • This alien is free to use...
  • He is the strength of the Jungle Trio. (It's called the Jungle Trio because they come from Panja's Jungle.)

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